TalkLife Connect

Therapists in Slack, whenever your team need them

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love the idea. this is such a low friction priority that companies should heavily consider for their employees.
Thanks for hunting Kat! JD, cofounder at TalkLife here. We built TalkLife Connect off the back of our peer to peer network because our users continually said to us 'why does it take so long to see my therapist?' 'why can't I speak to my clinician when I need them?' When we looked at the workplace, we could see an incredible opportunity to bring something new, something relevant that employees would enjoy using. We're profoundly passionate about changing the approach to mental health globally, and we would love to hear your feedback and answer any questions!
great concept. especially for my team since we're always online and in Slack anyway. thanks for meeting us where we are
Love this! It would be cool to see testimonials on the site :)