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My friends Alex and Shayan (founders of Zoosk) launched this app today and I'm kind of loving it. It feels like a weird blend of Twitter, Peach, and group chat - really fun and refreshing take on messaging. I'm hoping we'll see some more people on it over the next couple of days because I've had a lot of fun so far.
Here is why we we built Talkk:
How is this different to using Whatsapp groups?
Ben, great question. Talkk is a social network. In group messaging, you have to add/specify members who will be part of the group. So I'll have to know who is watching a basketball game, for instance, to add them to the group. Here, you start a conversation, and whoever is interested joins.
@alexmehr so anyone could join your group message? So, chatting with people on Twitter?
@bentossell Only friends can write on your personal stream. Topic-based channels can be less constrained, up to 1 degree of separation from the channel owner. We have micro controls for visibility, ability to post, ability to invite for channels.
@alexmehr Yeah so my confusion here is that I can already talk to my friends individually or in groups on Whatsapp, Facebook etc. I can join in topical conversations on Twitter (ok it may not be the perfect use-case but it works for me). Starting another social network is a big burden to bear... I think there has to be a BIG value prop to get people to use it, and come back. It's such a tough market, providing another place to message friends may fall on deaf ears. Think of Peach, it had buzz around it and I'm sure people are using it. I fell off pretty dramatically. Not because I didn't like it but because it doesn't solve a need I have outside of the platforms I'm currently on. I do love their magic words but things like that I'd love to see experimented at Twitter. Basically this market is brutal so there needs to be a big red arrow pointing to why you need to use this. People easily can join topical conversations on twitter, reddit, etc and people can easily group message their friends on whatsapp, facebook, etc. Also a lot of group messaging with people you don't know tends to turn out like shit haha. I'd look at either group messaging with friends or topical conversations with and without friends. Both are v tough markets with competition but trying to throw a big net and get both of these right will be tough itself. Of course this is all my own opinion and I could be completely wrong - when you sell to X for $1Billion, feel free to ship me some glitter 😛
@bentossell @alexmehr Do you really need a huge and promising value prop in order to create a functioning social network or messenger? People are your biggest asset after all, and I believe that getting them to use your platform nowadays isn't always as straightforward as „Great, blatant value = Growth“. I always like to think of my experience with Snapchat. A few years back when I first downloaded it, I didn’t understand the need for it and deleted the app after a few minutes. Now everyone of my friends has Snapchat and I’m using it on a daily basis. I still don’t feel the urge for the product itself but it’s a really fun way to communicate. Same goes for Peach. It might not be that convincing with its magic words, but in the end your peers are the driving force. And when all of them are going to join in, you’ll definitely feel the need for it. Anyways, good luck with Talkk, really like the playful style! Unfortunately nothing happened when I typed in „ta-da“ 10 times in a row. 😞😃
@philipkuklis @alexmehr I think you need something of significant value in order to attract the right people for others to want to be on it yes. And especially with the breadth of competition out there at the moment. Something needs to stand out. Everyones different I know that. People value different things. I'm interested in the why's of things that may have stiff competition because I am intrigued with the angle and want to know what success looks like for them. I said I like the magic words and the increasing use of invisible apps/bots will increase peoples familiarity with /commands - magic words - etc. But at the moment It's not stuck with me. Im connected with people I'm interested in, but I get those updates from them through twitter or Facebook. I'm not writing it off, but we will see what happens. These are always MY opinions.
Looks pretty cool! Unless I'm missing something it would be nice to have suggestions on channel to join (my suggestion tab is empty and I can only share my handle). The Search is ok but I go crazy looking for every things I might be interested to!
@mrdobelina you suggestions are based on people you follow. The more people you follow, the more relevant content gets exposed to you.
@shayang but how can I follow anybody if I don't know what is out there? that's a catch-22. (and what if I don't want to invite my's very common for this gen to not have total overlap of contacts between messaging platforms)