Talkdesk for Slack

Reinvent your call center using Slack.

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Hello guys, My name is João and I'm a Data Engineer at Talkdesk. We are very excited to announce our newest integration with Slack! We worked hard on developing it and all feedback is welcome! Talkdesk is intuitive, easy-to-deploy cloud-based call center software designed to help businesses make stronger connections with their customers. The Talkdesk for Slack integration creates a seamless link between your internal and external communications by providing greater visibility into day-to-day call center operations, while also empowering agents and supervisors to seek and offer assistance. With Talkdesk for Slack, you’ll be able to: • Receive customizable automated call center notifications in Slack • Request help and send call barge links via Slack through Talkdesk • Perform targeted agent coaching via Slack from within the Talkdesk interface
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Hey, My name is Henrique Cruz and I am one of the Product Managers on Talkdesk. Talkdesk for Slack has the potential to introduce a new paradigm to any customer support team. Talkdesk for Slack gives agents and reps a simple path to find help/escalate a call, providing a seamless transition to the caller. On top of that, our powerful alerts engines provides supervisors with the power to configure real time alerts that are relevant to their teams, and engage in coaching sessions via Slack. The feedback has been very positive! Find out more in
I wonder if there are lots of support teams using slack, if there are, this can be for sure a very valuable tool. Congrats!
Beware of Talkdesk. Pricing is very deceptive. They charge for every min used and they round up to the min. Think At&T in the late 90's. Ya. No mention of this on their website's pricing page! We used them for 6 months and our bill was $25,000 USD for 10 agents! When we approached them about the pricing issue they simply pointed to terms and services and the fine print. You would think a customer who spends 25K would get great customer support. Not with Talkdesk. Their account manager treated us rudely. We have moved to Ring Central. 60$ enterprise account. talk time unlimited! no tricks on rounding up to the min! Accounts team has been great. I can't believe we waited so long to get rid of Talkdesk.
@henrm_cruz @joaovasques what happened to your integration with Magento?
@boogsau Thank you for the message. As Magento can be deployed in a number of different environments, we had some challenges providing a consistent experience with it. We always want to ensure that Talkdesk works well for all of our customers, and since we didn't feel we were able to provide the best quality of service with that integration, we opted to discontinue it.