The all-in-one call center software for small business.

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Ross Rojek
Ross Rojek@sacbookreviewer · CTO,,
Pricing actually looks pretty good, and more services than our current system (Onebox). And like being able to integrate it with Zendesk.
Cory York
Cory York@therealcoryyork · Co-founder CEO,
Beware of Talkdesk. Pricing is very deceptive. They charge for every min used and they round up to the min. Think At&T in the late 90's. Ya. No mention of this on their website's pricing page! We used them for 6 months and our bill was $25,000 USD for 10 agents! When we approached them about the pricing issue they simply pointed to terms and services and the fine print. You would think a customer who spends 25K would get great customer support. Not with Talkdesk. Their account manager treated us rudely. We have moved to Ring Central. 60$ enterprise account. talk time unlimited! no tricks on rounding up to the min! Accounts team has been great. I can't believe we waited so long to get rid of Talkdesk.
Keegan J. Sard
Keegan J. Sard@keegansard · Freelance Consultant
A huge fan of this product and now have implemented it in a number a clients. Would definitely recommend.