Add a chat community to any app + make money

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Hey hunters; I'm the co-founder of Talkchain. Basic concept of Talkchain is community-in-a-box that can be easily integrated into any app. Chat is a highly engaging activity that can also be monetized well with native ads. We provide both the chat and social features as well as the native ad monetization. It's free to you, and we revenue share on the ads. I'd be happy to answer any questions about the platform.
@sollytweet Interesting idea! Any examples of companies that are currently using this and how it's working for them? btw: I've added you guys to the ever expanding 'Chat & Messaging Apps' collection:
@pieterpaul much appreciated. We have a number of white-label apps, some of which can be seen on our website; the SDK enabled product is fairly new, so just a few have launched. Some links below. But here is an animated gif of how it works as well: SDK Enabled Game: List of Whitelabel Apps:
@sollytweet Looks nice. I like that you guys launched with a rev-share model baked in. Any ideas on keeping the chat experience consistent with the original app? It's one of the reasons why I don't like to use services like Intercom in our app, it feels a bit off. Note that we're enterprise focused, could be different for games or other consumer focused apps.
@pieterpaul yeh, we'll probably need to de-couple the functionality eventually, but there are plenty of "building block" platforms like layer and pubnub that do that. We're providing a turnkey product with interface, all the bells and whistles and built-in monetization with the native ads engine. Hoping that is compelling for apps. Integrating is literally, dropping in the library, picking a button, and pointing to a URL schema.
Any plans to support web products also? Or just mobile web.
Kick ass work Jeff and Charles!!!!!!
@drew23 thx homie.
I've used Talkchain for a while. I especially loved the bitcoin chat that came out using Talkchain. If people knew how easy it was to integrate a chat community into their apps this could blow up pretty fast. Good job Jeff and Charles!
@benln Right now it's just native iOS for the SDK and Android soon. The white-label is native iOS and Android. We will probably start with a web plugin so people can add the chat feeds on web and let web users interact with mobile users. Eventually may offer the engine as an alternative to web commenting solutions like Disqus or Livefyre.