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24/7 access to affordable doctor's opinion

"Talk to a Doctor" is a response to the problem in medical clinics. Long queues and high prices of private visits force you to make significant investments of your time and money.
We provide unlimited access to medical opinion, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
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Hello everyone, For last two years I’ve been putting all of my free time into SynappseHealth, a passion project born from the need to solve issues with the healthcare industry. SynappseHealth is an Electronic Health Records and Telemedicine Platform. I would like to share one part of it with you, the ‘Talk to a Doctor’ app! ‘Talk to a Doctor’ is the best affordable way to get an anonymous doctor’s opinion. You don’t have to log in or hand over any of your personal information. You simply open the app and type in your question. LAUNCH DAY DISCOUNT! 🚀 We’d like to give you 25% off your first case if you download today! How much does it cost? It costs around $15 to talk to a doctor. Paid via debit or credit card, with Stripe processing the payment (more integrations are coming). We are still experimenting with prices so this may change but for now, we’re keeping it at $15. Who answers the questions? Will a random doctor look at my case? We are not a lead generation platform for doctors. We sign agreements with all of the medical professionals working with us. The doctors are verified and we have an internal quality assurance process that makes sure we provide the best quality for our clients. At the end of every case there is the possibility to leave a review, all of which are read by me, personally! I’d love to hear from you! I have a very specific problem, will I get an answer from a specialist? We don’t yet cover all medical specializations but we have a few specialists and some great people with very broad knowledge. So far, we haven’t had a situation where we were not able to provide an answer. If our doctors are not be able to give you an answer, we will refund the case, no questions asked. What kind of questions shouldn’t I ask? We are a second opinion platform, we are not able to provide prescriptions or issue sick leave. We are working hard to make that happen but every country and every state (in the US) has different laws and regulations, so this process is very time consuming. How do I send a file that is necessary to fully understand my question? We don’t currently support attachments but links are welcome. We are planning to roll out a feature which includes the adding of files later this year but in most cases (i.e. when the files are very big) it is always better to provide us with a Dropbox, Google Drive etc. url that you control. You can always stop sharing it with us after receiving an answer from the doctor if you’d prefer. Is it really anonymous? Yes, it’s anonymous, we don’t collect any sensitive information and in the instructions we even encourage people to remove any data that is not necessary. In future, there will be an option to login and share information from our Health Records app. How can I contact support? Although we have a chat widget on the website, the best way to get in touch is via a support form (in the apps) or by emailing us:
This is absolutely brilliant!
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Great product for current times. Maybe covid is not going away, but at least some great technological solutions have arrived ;)
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it's fantastic, especially the affordable and remote, so also time efficient aspect!
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With the coronavirus pandemic around this is a very useful platform. We had an issue with a throat infection that refused to go away - it’s just safer and easier to get some advice without showing up at the doctor’s office when it’s not necessary. So useful!
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@wyszo It is always great when list of symptoms is well prepared - we use for that :)
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