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@roelandp The app is really well done. Kudos, also, on changing your profile image to be an upvote button.
@nikunj thanks for your reply & kudos :)
Great app, constantly updated with new tours, a must if travelling throughout Europe!
@adrianleb thank you for your heads' up! We are also adding guides anywhere across the world btw! But you are right, most of them are currently to be found in the Old World, true, true.
I'm here to answer your Q's if you need some infos on our apps!
The location-based multimedia tours might have similarities to @andrewmason's upcoming Detour app. How are you creating this content and how do you choose which cities/areas to highlight, @roelandp?
@rrhoover Hi Ryan thanks for your Q's 1. Detour looks really nice indeed. Our app differs in that we focus on tech, and not content creation but instead look for partner publishers whom either already have multimedia story lines & content and need a suitable place to either sell them or make them available for free. We currently work with over 40 publishers worldwide. Amongst them are Universities, official City Marketing Organizations and individual independent travel (audio)guide publishers. 2. The app is available in 10 languages so far with (audio)guide content in 8 or 9 so far. The app highlights guide-content based on your whereabouts on 2 levels: * Nearby * Popular: which is also based on Nearby but ordered by Download popularity mixed with user ratings. But users are free to search for any given destination through the search bar, or map and soon we'll add a discovery layer with Tripit's API.