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Thanks @theforthwall for hunting us. This is a long comment, but want to explain why we built this, and our rankings logic. We've had to hire many software engineers at previous startups. Our networks are only so large, and the best engineers rarely apply. There are other sourcing platforms, but we didn't feel any of them actually create a skill graph of technical talents. I feel that many of us do sourcing by hand, in spreadsheets, or what not. We pull data from 700+ sources to create a skill graph and rank around 900 technical skills. A use case is you want to hire a Ruby engineer, who also knows Java, and has experience with AWS. We aim to show you a list of engineers meeting this criteria as a starting point for your hiring process. The engineers on your list will have their talents ranked, an indicator if they are looking for work, and contact info for about 75% of engineers. For example, one engineer on your list may be ranked 55th/1,078 in Ruby within your hiring market, intended as a relative ranking, not absolute. Our rankings value open source contributions, and so a highly ranked Ruby engineer in our database will likely have core contributions to several Ruby open source projects. The #1 ranked Linux engineer in our system is in fact the creator of Linux, for example. We also value forked/downloaded code, smart followers, and many other key indicators like these. We've been live 13 days now, and have numerous startups and technical recruiting firms using us. If you're hiring, we invite you to give us a try - free 7 day trial on our site. :)
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Saw you guys present at NewtechPDX on Monday. Great to see you on Product Hunt. Love what you are doing! Excited to use it when we're next recruiting.
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