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Awesome - we are beefing up outr jobs page Producthunt.com/jobs
Love the spin, wondering if there would be more additions to designers & marketers..
@mskakala Thank you. We are working on it right now!
Is this for CVs of people looking for permanent jobs—or freelance/contract work?
@callmeed No freelance. Only for permanent jobs.
I am highly skeptical of this. I come from this space and a lot of companies are trying to do this without fully understanding recruiting. I'm part of a beta from Indeed (one of the largest job boards) and even they are doing a shitty job. Not to mention that I highly doubt that someone who cant even get the grammar correct on there landing page has any idea about recruiting top talent. #justsaying
@bethebutterfly Thank you for your comment. We will try to make it as good as possible! I respect your experience and hope I can change your mind about us :)
@bethebutterfly I strongly considered not submitting this because of the issues with grammar btw.