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#3 Product of the DayDecember 01, 2019
Taker is an online ordering system for restaurants where you can start selling online with your own branded ordering website and apps. With it, your customers can make Delivery, Pickup, or Dine-In orders easily within a few clicks.
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Hello everyone, I'm Abdullah, founder of Taker, and very excited to be here. For many years we've been seeing changes in the restaurant industry some of it is made by restaurants and some isn't. In the past 10 years, we started to see non-restaurants lead the restaurant's industry through technology which has made the ordering experience great. Great for those tech companies, great for us as consumers and great for restaurants because this means more orders. However, this has resulted in restaurants losing their customers to those companies and got their margins squeezed out. Today, restaurants are looking to gain back the rein and open up their online branch (website and app) to directly reach out to their loyal customers. And this is where Taker comes in to play. Taker helps them start selling online with an ordering website and apps with advanced technology to grow their sales. We take care of the ecommerce best practices, we take care of conversion rates once the customer is landed, and we provide the restaurants with tools to automate their marketing and targeting to increase sales and loyalty. So we are actually a partner with restaurants all working together to achieve one goal which is more orders and sales. We do the tech and they do the cooking. That's what we do and please review and let us know if you have any notes, suggestions, or feedback. Thanks for your support.
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Pricing is very high, have you ever tested your product in the US market? Many local restaurants in the US do not even bother using free platforms like Gloria Foods.
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@mattcogenli thanks for your feedback. it is all about value and our friends at Gloria Foods are great but we do things completely differently. We invest great time with our clients and go hand in hand to ensure they are successful selling online and that is a huge difference. Plus, we don't think $299 is high for local restaurants anywhere in the world compared to the value they get.
@abdullah_alsaadi Looks really good. Would it be possible to get a link to or two to a client's site / menu?
@shauntrennery Sure, check out the demo site: https://demo.my.taker.io/ All data is dummy :)
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Great product! What is your USP compare to other competitors?
Why the hell is the pricing in SAR? ..
@frexuz It is in USD. You may have got other country's localized page
@abdullah_alsaadi Strange. I just clicked the link to the website from here. But yes, now I'm getting USD :)