Take the Timer

Simple interval training timer

Sometimes all you need is just a timer so we built one.
This is a work in progress / experiment, cross device, progressive web app for you to workout and we figured that now, more than ever, it's a handy tool.
Stay at home, active and safe!
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2 Reviews5.0/5
We built this quick timer, out of the simple need of timming our workouts easily for any type of maintenance training. It's a progressive web app that you can add to your homescreen and we're still working on it, but as the times changed, and we've been using it a lot to try and stay sane at home, we figured we'd find a lot of you in the same situation that need to get it out of your system. Use it, share it, trash it, or whatever you want to do with it but stay active and at home!
Timely for those stuck at home working out.
Wow the UI is 💯, really clean and original. Although selecting the repeats takes a while, I would recommend having it start from the middle, maybe at 10x at least? As most workouts have around 10 moves. Also would be great to have some preset intervals that are common in HIIT workouts like (on/off) 40/10 50/10 50/20 60/10 Congrats on the launch!
@jesstan Thank you Jess, it lacks some features that are in progress, we decided releasing before being done so everyone could use right away while isolated at home, great to also collect feedback. really appreciate it
Great! Good luck on the launch.
I do 20 minute bike sessions - not possible to time with the app and very time consuming to enter times in minutes. I am trying 2 x 10mins, but not ideal. Also .. landscape-mode only makes it hard to setup on my bike - how hard could it be to have portrait?
@ricardo_testori thank you, there is still a lot to work on, this is not a finished and polished version but we thought a lot of people could use a cross device interval training timer to workout at home. Thank you for your feedback