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The best alternatives to Take the Timer are Interval Timer, Hourglass , and Workout Timer. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Take the Timer
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  • You can set reps of exercises in conjunction with intervals. Setting both will help you pace yourself during intervals and exercise at your desired level of intensity. A beep sound is played at each next rep. Y...

  • Hourglass lets you make any workout interval by adjusting 3 variables: exercise time, rest time, and reps. Also includes pre-set intervals that can be accessed by tapping the emoji at the top.

  • Created because I was never able to find an interval timer that I could use to quicly make custom workouts :) Simple, Customizable, and Easy-to-use. Create any workout you can imagine in a matter of seconds & p...

  • No ads or upsells. Easy to use interface. Brilliant color palette. Pleasant sounds. This is the ultimate tool for high intensity interval training.

  • In times of a pandemic, lockdowns, and closed gyms, health and fitness are even more important. Home training is the safest solution. Sportos is an intuitive and convenient interval timer.