Take Me There

URL Shortener powered by Google Apps Script

This tool is a URL Shortening service powered by Google Apps Script and hosted using Github Pages.
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My first open-source project - https://github.com/schoraria911/...
how different it is from Bit.ly?
@joshnic20148687 Well, entirely :) This is in fact nothing like any other URL shortening/redirection service or more precisely, it doesn't actually set a 301/302 redirect status - which is what all other services do. Besides that, my setup is mostly for closed groups, small user base given the limitations with Google's quotas. Think of this as a POCs for things that can be build using Apps Script. Also, I'm still way behind Analytics - you can practically only get a short URL to redirect you to a long URL and that's pretty much it (for now). There are no "link management" facilities, metrics, graphs etc., that you'd typically expect from a URL shortening service - they're still WIP though.