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The best alternatives to Take Me There are PixelMe, linkmoji, and Magic Link. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Take Me There
The smarter, simpler dashboard software

  • PixelMe’s acquisition tools let you measure your attribution across channels, track ROI, and get a clear view of all your marketing efforts.

  • Turn Your Dumb Text Links Into Emoji

  • Hi dear hunters😻 I'm one of CS student from Turkey 🇹🇷 Last year I launched emoji url shortening as a service, self hosted and open source. Today I'm trying to create a new era for URL shortening services. I ...

  • In times of social networks and smartphones we use URLs all day. But they can be really long - too long! They neither look pleasant on our small screens nor in longer texts on big screens. They take away space ...

  • Short.cm is a custom domain URL shortener, which allows you to shorten links on your own domain.

  • Cutt.ly lets you understand more about click-through of your links. We give you a huge marketing tool with advanced URLs tracking system and custom daomains for free without any hidden commitments. Why? Because...

  • Toad is the simplest URL shortener with a built-in API, detailed analytics, and custom domain support. Toad is built to be fun yet powerful. What's stopping you? Make the leap!

  • We are doing nothing but generating secure passwords. If you want to safeguard your info and assets, creating secure passwords is a big first step. And that’s where our Password Generator can help you.

  • Forward is a simple, privacy-focused alternative to free URL shorteners. Using human-readable links that only track the amount of times it's been visited, never collecting any data, with URL-screen checking aga...

  • Easily mask your public Trello boards with custom domains, your own branding and Google analytics. Turn trello.com/b/uglyurl into roadmap.yoursite.com.

  • Create & Convert Affiliate Links with your own Affiliate Tags. Works with Amazon Worldwide & Flipkart. Track Link Clicks from App. One-Click Sharing on Multiple Telegram Channel & Groups with API.

  • With shrely we can configure an onpengrah for a link, as well as the full power of a shortener, and let's not forget about retargeting, being able to add pixels of the different social networks.

  • Clean Share A simple tool to help remove the tracking parameters of URL when sharing.