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#3 Product of the DayMay 19, 2017
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Suprasanna Mishra
Suprasanna MishraMaker@suprasannam · Product Manager, Buffer
Hey Hunters! I’m Super, a product manager at Buffer and I’m so excited we’re launching Tailored Posts for our browser extension to you today! As social networks continue to diverge in their overall tone, content, audience and features, it’s become more and more critical for brands to tailor their messages by network - even for the same exact piece of content. We’re now seeing everyone from huge organizations to small startups customize their messaging for each network to fit better and be more authentic with their audiences. Tailored Posts aims to make this efficient and easy to do from one place. Each time you share a link to an article or a message, you can customize the copy, attachments, @mentions, hashtags and more on a per network basis. Would love to hear what you think and happy to answer any questions while we’re at it! Thanks for checking it out 😀
Lyondhur@lyondhur · T&R Project Manager at Weta Digital
@suprasannam You sir, have potentially the best name ever for a Product Manager. 😄 Big fan of the platform since long. Best of luck with the release.
Suprasanna Mishra
Suprasanna MishraMaker@suprasannam · Product Manager, Buffer
@lyondhur Haha thanks so much Lyondhur 😄 And thanks for being a fan of Buffer!
Lisa Dziuba
Lisa Dziuba@lisadziuba · FlawlessApp.io Founder
Congratulations on the launch! Firstly, I love Buffer awesome blog and your open culture (big hi 🙌 to Jordan from iOS team). 😑 And now the honest feedback part: 1. I didn't get what's unique about your proposal... I always customize my messages for the network. Now we are using Twitter & Facebook and it doesn't take much time. I can manually schedule different messages (and usually my posts are very different), so no need to special feature. Maybe, it's more valuable when you have 5+ social networks and mostly re-post the same blog content... 2. As an early-stage startup founder, I'm using another tool for managing my social profiles (because it's free and meets my needs). But I had an experience with Buffer and login to check the feature. Why do you throw on me 2 popups with the new feature? It was 3 windows which told me the same: "Get started with Tailored Posts". That's strange onboarding :) 3. If I decided to skip your "new feature" popups\how to use page, I can't find it from the scheduling menu. Maybe I need to wait for another popup? Oh, I got this new window on the top, but it doesn't say "Tailored Posts": http://prntscr.com/f9l4p0 4. I finally got it! After like 10 minutes, I understood that "Tailored Posts = browser extension on any page" to use it for "sharing any article via the Buffer extension". Maybe I have very-very bad English, but I totally misunderstood your product from the first time I read it on Product Hunt 💗 Hope these helped! 💗 Lisa
Suprasanna Mishra
Suprasanna MishraMaker@suprasannam · Product Manager, Buffer
@lisadziuba Hi Lisa! Thanks for the Buffer love and I'll definitely send over a hello to Jordan :) Thank you so much for taking the time to provide that feedback - it really helps us think and improve anytime we're building or launching something! On your notes: 1. That totally makes sense from your perspective and you're right that you can definitely schedule different messages manually already! We built this feature after hearing from our customers over and over that they were opening Buffer, opening our share box, posting to one network, adding to their queue and then doing the flow all over again to share the same link or note to another network with different copy, different @ mention, etc. Our goal with this is to let them do that in one smooth flow and easily see side by side what they're posting to all their various networks. 2. That is definitely strange and sorry for that trouble there 🤔. We got pretty excited and added in one modal when you login to Buffer so you can have a heads up about this new feature but it shouldn't be showing up multiple times! I'll look into this and see what's up there thanks for pointing that out :) 3. Ah yep, same thing here, that shouldn't be showing up for you right then! Totally on us there. Thanks for spotting that :) 4. You're 100% right here - this one is totally on me! I neglected to clarify that in my Product Hunt comment and that would've saved you a headache there. I'll make a small edit there to add that in, thanks for the tip! Overall these helped a ton and are a lot of why I love Product Hunt and talking to other makers like you 😄. Hope you have a great one today and thanks again for taking the time to comment and check this out!
Natarajan H K
Natarajan H K@natarajanhk
@lisadziuba, "I'm using another tool for managing my social profiles (because it's free and meets my needs)" - could you share the name of the tool?
Stef Lewandowski
Stef Lewandowski@stef · Founder, Makelight
@ay8s Great! I was thinking of having to write something like this myself to be able to have different planned messages per platform. This should save a lot of work!
Tom Benattar
Tom Benattar@tombenattar · Co-founder @PixelMe
Good job Buffer crew! 🙌 Way to go for helping marketers build quality and tailored content! 💪
Suprasanna Mishra
Suprasanna MishraMaker@suprasannam · Product Manager, Buffer
@tombenattar Wahoo! Thanks Tom 😄
Sarim Haq
Sarim Haq@sarim_haq · AI Whisperer
Wow, this seems like such a no-brainer. Good job Buffer 👍👍👍
Suprasanna Mishra
Suprasanna MishraMaker@suprasannam · Product Manager, Buffer
@sarim_haq Thanks Sarim 😊