Tailor Brands

AI logo maker and brand builder


Tailor Brands is an easy-to-use automated logo design and brand building service. The company’s logo maker uses AI and pairs it with an expansive template library to create unique and effective designs in a matter of minutes. With over 15 branding tools at your fingertips Tailor Brands will become your personal branding agency.

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14 Reviews5.0/5

Love this website. The results don't always look good, but for the majority of people they will be great. It's a fantastic option for someone looking for a quick, simple, logo. If it gets better and better over time it will become a really great option for more people.


Beautiful website. Easy to use. Some pretty good designs.


Not a ton of diversity in results.

If you don't check tailor's options before looking for a graphic designer, you are doing it wrong.

Tailor is faster, cheaper, and shows you designs before you pay - unlike human professional.


Cheap, fast, looks great


Some designs aren't as brilliant as the majority

Tailor Brands provides a great branding tools and beatiful logo designs.

You can create your own branding suite in less than 5 minnutes


Awesome barnding tools and beautifull designs