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Hi Everyone! Very happy to be launching our new contesting platform specifically for Instagram today to Product Hunt! We built Tagwin as a way to support the many people on Instagram who currently run contests and giveaways on Instagram using spreadsheets and random number generators Tagwin works by authenticating with the Instagram API and providing a simple interface to configure and launch a contest. Using the platform, you can run a contest that collects entries by a specific hashtag (i.e. #MyContestHashtag) or enters all of your Instagram account followers as entrants (i.e. "Follow to Win"). You can also require additional actions by your participants such as requiring them to follow you on Instagram, like a specific post, or a few other options. Our launch offer is running your first contest for free, so please give it a try!
@dannyjameswood Finally reasonable pricing and nice design for this type of service πŸ‘Œ Going to try it now.
I like it! Great jobπŸ‘πŸΌ
Really nice product. Perhaps you would have more friendly pricing for starters?
@ajoke_emekene Thanks Ajoke! We're currently offering a free giveaway to start, but do you have an additional pricing tier in mind?
I thought all Instagram giveaways are fake because there is no way for participants to check how are the winners being picked. So I never participated any giveaway. Could be a good idea to do something like tagwin certified giveaway.
@huangdun This is a great idea, thanks! We'll definitely think about how to implement it :)
@huangdun that's an awesome feedback
@huangdun For my last KarPage giveaway I actually did an Instagram LIVE streaming the picking of the winner, and then I shared the live stream for the next 24h! It doesn't get any more transparent than that: https://www.instagram.com/p/BWZM...
Super simple to setup. Would love to have a bit more freeform entry requirements. Multiple hashtags, multiple account mentions, follow a 2nd account, etc
@dswiese Thanks Sean! We're definitely looking to include linking multiple accounts in an upcoming release, multiple hashtags too