Tag Instagram photos instantly from your iOS keyboard.

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Tagsdock is an iOS Keyboard app to tag your Instagram photos quickly. Like most Instagram users, I use hashtags for my photos. Bulk copying hashtags from other apps and then opening Instagram app every time to paste it sucks. Wanted to tag my Instagram photos faster, so we built Tagsdock. #Custom iOS 8 keyboard that works with Instagram, Vine or any app on iPhone. #Simple and easy-to-use layout. 1 Tap to Copy Hashtags directly to Instagram. #Curated 100+ popular hashtags categories for gaining new likes & more followers. #Choose from over 3000+ popular hashtags for any photo. #See the top popular Trending Tags from Instagram. #Add your favourite tags or most used tag sets to your favourites for quick access from the keyboard.
@kwdinc Kevin, any insights/data/tips re the benefits on tagging?
@geoffreyweg I'm curious about this as well
@kwdinc huge fan of this! Does the keyboard learn, in terms of what is "trending" now with Instagrams latest update?
@as_austin Hey Austin, We will do it in the next update,if instagram update its api.
@kwdinc awesome! I did notice that they haven't updated their API! ... Sadly after I posted😂😑
this is so useful!
@lukedevall Thanks luke. Let me know if you have any suggestions.
I have been waiting for something like this, I am so glad to see it available! A must have for Instagram users. I really like the UI for the keyboard, well done. P.S. the product website is very nice as well.
@zacherynielson Thanks for the kind words , Zac :) Glad you like it!
Very clever!
@marmelroy thank you :)
This looks really useful.