The simplest, fastest way to geotag your photos and videos.

Hey everyone, Taggr is a product we created in response to the needs of our users. The new version of @tripstr (still beta) relies heavily on your photos being geotagged, and we found that a lot of our users (many of which are photographers) had a need for a simple, free geotagger. Specifically, one that could handle geotagging multiple photos at a time, as well as geotagging video. We originally baked the functionality into Tripstr but realized it would be handy as a standalone product! We're here if you have questions about Taggr, Tripstr, or anything else!
Also on Dribbble for your feedbacks :) http://drbl.in/oBdW
I like Taggr as it fills a need, but I noticed it placed old photos pulled from iCloud as new photos after I added a location. So it added location data, but removed time data? It would be nice if you could do both location AND time. It's more common that I'm trying to add dates to old photos.
@bradenhamm hey Braden, in our experience photos that have been geotagged still have the correct 'capture date' but have a new 'created date'. Which means that they still show up in the correct place in the 'Moments' view of photos, but in the Albums view they show as just created. If you aren't seeing that, shoot me a private message so we can troubleshoot! As for including a date editor, we'll drop that in the feature request list. Thanks for the feedback!
@adcooley You're correct! Thanks.
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