TAG by TripScout

Get Instafamous using top travel hashtags + feature accounts

TAG by TripScout is a tool to discover the best travel hashtags for wherever you're vacationing.

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Konrad Waliszewski
CEO, TripScout
Hi PH community! Instagram has been one of our travel app's biggest growth drivers as we grew to 1M+ followers over a few different accounts. We took everything we learned scaling on the platform and built TAG, a free tool to help travelers - from weekend warriors to travel bloggers - grow their Instagram following. TAG 1) lets you copy all the best hashtags by destination to paste into your caption, and 2) shows you which accounts you should tag to get featured (and follow to discover local things to do). You would never logically guess most of the official destination hashtags around the world. For example, #mydccool (WTF?!) is the official hashtag for Washington DC. If you love travel and love the Instagram, then please give us a try and let us know what you think! To see our work in the wild, here are a few of our accounts: tripscoutapp, schooloftravel, iceland.explore, paris.explore, chicago.travel, bali.scout.
Gillian Morris
CEO, Hitlist
As we worked on building the instagram following for @hitlist_app I remember spending hours researching the relevant hashtags to engage beyond our small community. TAG would have saved us so much time and helped us target more effectively, I'm looking forward to seeing how much faster our following grows now!
Nice one! 👏We will try it to increase our audience in Vualala (https://producthunt.com/posts/vu...)