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Taffy is a dating/friending application that connects users to people around them - with one twist: Profile pics are blurry until you start a conversation. Our chat-first app let's you thumb through posts with blurry profile pics and catchy headlines. Pics are slow-revealed through active chat. The more you say, the more you see.

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Hey everyone... and thank you, @chrismessina 🙌 After lots of hard work, we are thrilled to showcase Taffy here on Product Hunt! People are getting tired of swiping left and right for superficial reasons. So, we set out to create a unique and interesting “chat-first” solution that puts personality on an equal footing with physical appearances. Taffy lets you browse user-generated posts with blurry profile pics and catchy headlines. When a post catches your attention, you start a conversation (or select a Taffy suggested ice breaker). Blurry pics are slowly revealed through active chat. The more you say, the more you see! Nah, we're not the first to launch the blurry pic thing. After many months of bootstrapping, somebody beat us to the punch by merely weeks. 😅 But that's okay because we think Taffy is incredibly unique: (1) we're post (not profile) driven, so you can create as many posts as you like; (2) we're topical, so you can post for things like love, friendship, advice, whatever; and, (3) we let users search/browse by multiple topics and #hashtags. And Taffy's not just for dating; it’s for connecting with people however you want... and doing so in a highly authentic and playful format! We hope you love this product, and look forward to your thoughts and questions! ❤️
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@chrismessina @johnschenk great product. Can't wait to try. Have a target for Android release?
@granillo Yes, we are working on a version for Android, and hope to have that available soon. Please email us at support@taffy.chat, and we will add notify you as soon as it is available!

none to say at the moment


I totally enjoy that I can chat with the person before my photo is totally clear


i don't have any cons right now...

Move over Tinder, there is a new app in town and this one is not just about dating. Think Linkedin meets Match only more social. I am only a few days in, but fun so far!


New and Fresh Interface


We will see

Great app idea! We need more substantive ways to meet new people in our lives 👊
@arieljalali Thank you. We are doing our best to achieve precisely that!
I downloaded it earlier today and have been playing around with it throughout the day. Having some fun conversations. The images are actually more blurry than the marketing materials, so to the point of one of the reviews, I think you just need to try it out to really get a feel for it. It really depends on the users pictures. But the pics reveal at a nice clip. Forces you to get to know people instead of just that instantaneous decision of swiping left/right.
@tony_defranco Thank you for the kind words. Yes, the screen shots above are a tad less blurry than in the app, in order to better showcase the product. Happy you like the product. We are working hard to provide users with something both meaningful and exciting. Much more to come!