Chrome extension w/ personalized health & productivity tips

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You can also connect Tabtics to your Fitbit to add steps you've taken and how many hours you slept the night before.
@robjama I wish it could connect to others as well (HealthKit?)
@rubengarciam @robjama I'm one of the makers actually.. we've thought about this and there's a long list of nice-to-have features but at this point we're really looking into why this resonated so well with a certain audience. Before building a ton of stuff, we'd like to know where we can add the most significant value and to what specific niche.
@franklagendijk fair enough. Keen to see where this goes
This is the only new-tab extension that I've ever kept after trying it. I open a new tab because I intend to do a task of some kind, and any new-tab behaviour that demands time or action gets in the way of that so is not acceptable to me. Tabtics just gives me a quick nudge without really interfering with my task. And if my task is urgent I know that I can simply ignore the display without missing anything important. All of which would not matter if the Tabtics display weren't particularly useful, but for me it is: the advice that Tabtics gives has turned out to be generally quite appropriate for me, and I appreciate getting it. (I don't use a Fitbit; I imagine that if I did then Tabtics would be even more valuable for me.)
Sweet! Looks awesome!
Really cool concept. Love how its displayed in an unobtrusive location. Will be interesting to see what value it can deliver beyond 1 or 2 basic metrics, or if it even needs too!
@mrmikehalligan we're really looking into that. We think it's a nice-to-have at this point but would rather build a solution within the space that adds significant value. Our main focus is on researching that productivity space, making sure we'll shape a must-have solution.
This is great. Too bad Safari doesn't allow for stuff like this. Love the Fitbit integration.