Chrome extension w/ personalized health & productivity tips

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Robleh Jama
Robleh JamaHunter@robjama · Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
You can also connect Tabtics to your Fitbit to add steps you've taken and how many hours you slept the night before.
Ruben Garcia
Ruben Garcia@rubengarciam · Solutions Engineer @ Dropbox
@robjama I wish it could connect to others as well (HealthKit?)
Frank Lagendijk
Frank LagendijkPro@franklagendijk · Designer & Co-founder at Shipright
@rubengarciam @robjama I'm one of the makers actually.. we've thought about this and there's a long list of nice-to-have features but at this point we're really looking into why this resonated so well with a certain audience. Before building a ton of stuff, we'd like to know where we can add the most significant value and to what specific niche.
Ruben Garcia
Ruben Garcia@rubengarciam · Solutions Engineer @ Dropbox
@franklagendijk fair enough. Keen to see where this goes
This is the only new-tab extension that I've ever kept after trying it. I open a new tab because I intend to do a task of some kind, and any new-tab behaviour that demands time or action gets in the way of that so is not acceptable to me. Tabtics just gives me a quick nudge without really interfering with my task. And if my task is urgent I know that I can simply ignore the display without missing anything important. All of which would not matter if the Tabtics display weren't particularly useful, but for me it is: the advice that Tabtics gives has turned out to be generally quite appropriate for me, and I appreciate getting it. (I don't use a Fitbit; I imagine that if I did then Tabtics would be even more valuable for me.)
Mohamed El Mahallawy
Mohamed El Mahallawy@mmahalwy · 🔑
Sweet! Looks awesome!
Mike Halligan
Mike Halligan@mrmikehalligan · Founder of Scratch
Really cool concept. Love how its displayed in an unobtrusive location. Will be interesting to see what value it can deliver beyond 1 or 2 basic metrics, or if it even needs too!
Frank Lagendijk
Frank LagendijkPro@franklagendijk · Designer & Co-founder at Shipright
@mrmikehalligan we're really looking into that. We think it's a nice-to-have at this point but would rather build a solution within the space that adds significant value. Our main focus is on researching that productivity space, making sure we'll shape a must-have solution.
Zaigham @zedsq · Z
This is great. Too bad Safari doesn't allow for stuff like this. Love the Fitbit integration.