Tabletop Simulator

The only simulator that lets you flip the table! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻┻

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Thanks for checking out Tabletop Simulator! Just to give a little bit of history: Tabletop Simulator started off as a hobby project that has grown immensely to what it was today. Originally it was going to be a place to play classic board games online, but after the successful Kickstarter we had over a year ago, it's turned into a platform for game designers to prototype and beta test their games, a way for people to play literally any board, card, and tabletop game around the world, RPG Tabletop gamers can create full campaigns making the online experience a bit more realistic. We've added things like semi-lock - which is a setting that needs to be enabled, which is great for those who want a more serious experience, which limits the physics of objects (not getting knocked over, etc), we've added snap points so people can create custom grids on TOP of objects and is separate from the regular grid that are on the table, and so much more! The community has been awesome in guiding us through our Early Access phase until we officially launched on June 5, 2015. And we're still listening! There's still a lot more to come with more improvements, VR/AR support and touch support. If you have any questions, please ask and be sure to visit us on our official forums: Thanks!