Table 2 Site

Generate websites from your Airtable base


Table2Site allows you to create "curated list for X" or landing pages with Airtable. No coding needed.

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Ine De Baerdemaeker
Alexander Kirsch-Clayton
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  • Pros: 

    Maarten is a great guy who goes above and beyond supporting his products!


    Can't say, I don't use AirTable. But I'm sure it's great!

    This seems to be an interesting concept and I am going to dig deeper into AirTable to see what this is all about. Would recommend anything from Maarten though!

    Alexander Kirsch-Clayton has never used this product.
  • Hannah Konitshek
    Hannah KonitshekBusiness & Strategy,

    - Easy to use

    - This is functionality Airtable doesn't currently offer


    - Not many!

    - Limited templates / no pages for individual records (perhaps in a v.2)

    This is an *amazing* project! I've been looking for a way to easily expand the functionality of my Airtables - and this is the only solution I've found.

    It is a great way to do a lightweight prototype of something like a document repository or directory.

    Hannah Konitshek has used this product for one month.
  • Frances Foster
    Frances FosterWriter and enthusiastic idea-haver

    Cuts out the middleman of integrating Airtable. Super simple no coding projects.


    Limits on some options but no doubt will expand.

    Felt right at home as soon as I started using Table2Site. Intuitive enough for someone with no code experience to use straight off the bat. Been able to put together sites in a few hours without having to fuss about integrating Airtable with any other platform.

    At first I was sceptical on how much could be done just from an Airtable base in terms of design and making the sites look different from each other. So I was surprised how flexible and customisable it could actually be. Maarten himself was really helpful and responsive when I got in touch so feel like I'm in good hands.

    Frances Foster has used this product for one week.