Tabiko 2.0

A chat-based concierge app for traveling in Japan

Turning people into travel concierges.
Sandeep Rana
vishnupratheek Josyula
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    The idea at the first is great! The service provided is responsible.


    I havent found any

    It has always been difficult for outsiders to do research and get some basic information like where and what to eat and this app and the support does make it easy for us to get things done.

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Hi I’m Yuki, the CEO of Tabiko. We’re excited to announce two newest things about Tabiko. #1. Star Rewards system We introduced a tipping system on the app as a new monetization model. Tabiko users can send rewards from $2 to $50 to concierges when they’re satisfied with their services. It’s voluntarily but over 10% of UU has already sent a tip at least once. This is just the beginning! It’s growing every single week. #2. Concierge Program We were helping our users with their travel plans solely by ourselves over the past years. Through that, we learned how to scale the service and how to maintain the quality of concierge services. Today, we announced that we will start the Concierge Program, where anyone can join Tabiko as a travel concierge to help travelers all over the globe. The concept is like Uber for Travel Concierge. Concierge Program: You can earn money through sharing your travel knowledge, experiences and by providing excellent concierge services to travelers from all over the world. There are already some concierges who have earned over $1,000!  Currently, we are looking for people who can provide services for Japan, as we are focusing on inbound tourism in Japan. But if you are interested for other countries, you can still send in an application and we will get back to you once we launch around the world. We’ll expand it globally soon for sure! Lastly, please try Tabiko if you're coming to Japan soon! Our users seem to really love our concierges and services we offer as we currently have a 4.9 app rating with over 3,200 reviews. We believe you would also love it :)
Japan is the next place I want to travel to. I'll definitely have to remember this!
I am just wondering how do you make money from this product? By the tippings and the commission from hotel and airplane tickets?
whats the inspiration for logo icon?