Get rid of distraction and increase your productivity with Tabagotchi. The more tabs you have open, the angrier and sicker your Tabagotchi gets! The fewer tabs you have open, the happier and healthier it becomes.

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Hey Product Hunt! I'm one of the makers behind the Tabagotchi - a Chrome Extension that's half-toy, half-tool. I'm a content strategist at Breather (we do on-demand workspaces) and we're always trying to find new ways to help people work better and feel more productive. But mostly, we like making fun stuff. In this spirit, we created Tabagotchi to help you declutter your browser, defeat tab anxiety, and be more focused! Let us know what you think! Enjoy!
@sacha_jackson I need more tabagotchi! Mine is at the max. PLEASE. πŸ™
This is the best silly, yet engaging idea I have seen in a very, very long time. Hats off to the creators. I can see this being pretty addictive for a lot of people...
Looks really cheerful and fun - would you mind explaining how your project works and where did you get that idea?
@learnuxio Sure thing! It's a pretty simple Chrome Extension that monitors how many tabs you have open. We wanted to make something that was useful and playful. When we were thinking of concepts, we realized we all loved Tamagotchi's as kids. It had the right balance of nostalgia but it was also one of the first digital toys. So instead of keeping your digital pet healthy by feeding it and putting it to sleep, all you have to do is close tabs. The fewer tabs you have open, the more your Tabagotchi evolves.
@sacha_jackson Thanks for response! Great job :D
Why does it need to read browsing history as one of the permissions? Looks like a cool product though!