Tab Counter

View real-time stats for any website in your brower tabs

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Really clever. I love the use case of displaying a real-time visitor count via Google Analytics:
@rrhoover really practical use case - love the gif too (p.s. how do you embed images in PH comments?)
@omaridau include a direct link to a jpg, png, or gif and it will embed, like magic! ✨ (we need to add a WYSWYG interface for this but it hasn't been a high priority)
@rrhoover great thanks! would love to give feedback and have a screenshot to expedite communication
Hey guys, looks fantastic!) Really useful and easy.
Wow great tool! Easy and flexible to use! Unfortunately i do have a use case where the tool seems not to work properly: A parent element of the inspected node gets replaced every 5 seconds. Any chance this will also work? Maybe remember the selector of the inspected element instead of a reference?
@neuling2k Try to use it on parent node.
@idered i forgot to mention that the parent node which gets updated includes more than one value/counter:
@neuling2k I'll try to think of something.
This looks like a pretty great idea. Can't wait to give it a go.