The simple way to split a bill among friends.

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As great as this looks, the number of services making their apps only available to US customers is too high recently :(
@krausefx Hi Felix, we hear you! The unique issue that we face with internationalization isn't translating the apps themselves, it's making sure the OCR parsing works accurately with all the many different receipt formats, languages, currencies and taxes in different countries. At the moment we just don't have the resources to do this, but we really do hope to be able to soon!
Take a picture of the bill, and let everyone pick what they had. Handles tip+tax as well. It works great!
@gkoberger Hi Gregory, thanks for posting us! Great to hear you're enjoying the app.
@gkoberger great find! This is so handy when going out with friends!
i LOVE this. are the founders participating? would love to chat more with them. btw: the onboarding in the app is spot on. I happened to take a picture of a euro based receipt but unfortunately, the OCR didn't recognize it. props to the team and what they've accomplished. i've always wanted to build a split cheque app because my group of friends always splits them and this app literally embodies what I have envisioned and mocked up on @realtimeboard. haha
@realtimeboard @taylorhou It's pretty good, but it's a little too wordy and overwhelming for me. I think the screens could have more concise text and images to really guide you through (similar to Analog Camera from @dancounsell) Or gifs/videos like Analog Camera used on startup. Really, really slick. See a snapshot of the UI: http://www.appuous.com/products/...
@taylorhou Hey there Taylor, co-founder here. Thanks for the support, happy to answer any questions you have!
@taylorhou @paulsolt Hi Paul, with the onboarding we tried to keep it as concise as possible while still providing useful information. Features like the editing/deleting an item can be difficult to discover and we've found that many fewer people have missed these since we introduced the latest version of our onboarding.
hey @quinnsavit - i shot yall an email already. keep at it!
@realtimeboard @dancounsell @paulsolt the best onboarding I've ever experienced with an mobile app was @monumentvalley and webapp was @intercom we're learning as much as we can from them.
Looks interesting. A lot of my friends use Splitwise. Any timeline around when this will be available in India ?
@mridulkapoor split wise is great for keeping track of tabs, but this is more for splitting up individual bills automatically (using OCR)
@gkoberger agree with you. Was just wondering if it would be available here anytime soon.
@gkoberger @mridulkapoor Hi Mridul, we'd absolutely love to make Tab available in other countries but we currently don't have the resources to ensure the OCR parsing works as well as our users would expect on the myriad receipt formats of the world (see my reply to Felix below). We'll do our best to address it as soon as we can!
Just tried this. VERY NICE! I was just telling a friend the other day that I wish there was an App to OCR the bill, drag and drop to different buckets. What's missing is the feature to split the remaining unclaimed items...for situations where the entire table shares appetizers or a pitcher or beer. Once that's there it can be used in any situation! Kudos to the team.
@kevin_shinobi Hey Kevin, thanks! Hope you've since told that friend that there actually IS such an app! I should point out, though, that Tab actually does allow you to share an item among as many people as necessary. Just have each person select that same item and its cost will be divided evenly among them. There currently isn't a one-click shortcut to share an item among everyone at the table, but that's a great idea and we'll look into adding it in the future.