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Another category-focused livestreaming service to go along with (livestreaming DJ's), (livestreaming traders and investors), and Watch People Code (exactly what it sounds like). I'd love to see artists incorporate feedback and ideas from viewers through the live chat and perhaps recordings could be viewed as a time lapse.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! We are really thinking about time lapse for recorded videos : )
@felipelatif @rrhoover you bet! at the very least the artist could record in time-lapse on their iPhone or GoPro, and Shred Video could scale it down to a desired length synced to music.
@rrhoover very cool! Incorporating feedback would be an interesting experience.
Hey folks! I'm Marcelo, one of the co-founders. Sywork is a live streaming platform for illustrators and digital artists. It’s like Twitch but for artists. It’s a place created especially for them. We've just released our beta. We'd love to hear your feedback and answer any questions!
Really cool Marcelo! I think watching artists create will be super universal. A lot of the other "twitch" services are pretty niche (i.e. if you don't play Starcraft, you won't watch Twitch), whereas I know a lot of non-artists who would find it interesting just to watch someone draw, make pottery, etc. Time-lapse idea is a great one, would never work for watching video screens but would be perfect for live art!
I love this! Going to dive into the feedback in a bit, but couldn't resist commenting on how awesome this is!