System Control for iOS

The human body sustaining simulator

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@rrhoover Thank you sir.
@conormn I just downloaded and started playing it. It's fantastic! I love the visuals! What was the transition from browser to iOS like? What gave you the initial idea for this game?
@jakecrump Thanks for playing and glad you liked it :) The idea came about during the Ludlum Dare 28 game jam with the theme "You only get one". I thought it would be funny to give players one test subject and have them endlessly press buttons to keep this little guys internal organs running. It was also a simple idea I thought my limited skills could possibly pull-off in 48 hours. The original version was my first attempt at programming a game and even though it kind of worked it was a mess under the hood. Almost everything had to be redone for iOS and I also wanted to add more systems, costumes and stats. But once that was complete it was very easy to get it working on mobile via Adobe AIR. The Flash + AIR process is really great and I hope more developers and Adobe keep it going.
@conormn @jakecrump Wow! I had no idea that was your first time programming a game. That's super impressive! I love games that come from hackathons and game jams. Always so cool to see what folks can put together in a short amount of time!