Sync offers secure and completely private cloud storage

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Hello Product Hunt :-) My name is Thomas Savundra, and I’m the co-founder and CEO here at Sync is a zero-knowledge, 100% private alternative to consumer-grade cloud storage services like Dropbox. Simply put, we can’t access the data stored on our servers, even if we tried. Sync allows you to store and share your files with absolute privacy. We’ve been in active development for close to two years, and our team is beyond thrilled to finally launch. We’d love for you to take Sync for a test drive and let us know what you think, and I’m happy to answer any questions you have. 5 GB of cloud storage is always free.
I'm a big fan of Sync, and love the privacy. Tell us how you got the domain name ?!
@shericatcat That’s a funny story. Back in 2013 when we started work on Sync we came up with the moniker "Sync for Us” (kind of flaky looking back), and registered as our domain name. At the time it appeared as though Nokia actually owned the domain name, so it certainly didn’t seem like an option. We printed t-shirts for our dev team, and ran with "Sync for Us" for a few months. Of course, we kept typing in accidentally, and we quickly grew tired of the .us domain name. Then, a few months later, while accidentally visiting, we noticed the domain went up for auction! We speculate this was around the time Nokia got bought out by Microsoft. Perhaps a coincidence, we’ll never know. We quickly placed a significant bid, and after some negotiation and many sleepless nights we got the domain name! And then, just as we were rebranding ourselves, Edward Snowden broke the news about the widespread surveillance of the Internet. At that moment we knew we were on the right track - it was a serendipitous moment for sure.
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Great video too. You mind if I ask where you had it made/produced?
@ianthekid We produced the video in collaboration with the fantastic folks at BroughtToYouBy in Toronto, Canada
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