Sympli 1.0

Design handoff & collaboration for PS, Sketch, AS & Xcode

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Hi all! I'm Max, a founder of Sympli. We built a tool that helps design and development teams collaborate on a whole new level. It works with Sketch, Photoshop and Adobe XD(coming soon), makes design handoff, specs and assets generation a single click action, and integrates with IDEs. Sympli for Android Studio and Xcode helps developers keep their graphic assets in sync and helps implement designs faster. Check out features highlights at: Sign up for free at AMA.
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Sympli is great and the Android Studio integration is solid. It's been a nice workflow change to have screen/UI mockups next to the code editor within AS instead of having to switch to Sketch constantly. Also being able to measure and import assets easily - all from within AS - is really useful.
Sympli is so awesome - I'm a UI/UX designer and I dread creating styling specs for developers to interpret. With Sympli I spend less time writing specs and our developers spend almost no time worrying about styling. The key here is that it helps everyone focus on what they're really good at. Works great on my end as a plugin for Sketch, our developers use it with Xcode, and we can review designs together in the browser. Miles ahead of anything Adobe or Invision ever built and our developers favor it over Zeplin. Bravo Max and big thanks to you and the team!
@zbaumel Thanks Zack!
Great App! Check out this blog post that highlights the key features :)
@galyailiev @sympli Thanks Galya, I added the link to my comment too.
I've been using Sympli for over a month and love it. The Sketch integration is awesome. It makes it soooo much easier to do a design and turn it into dev ready specs. Literally 1 click.