Symbol Design System 2

Design with components based on Sketch nested symbols

Symbol is a Sketch Design System based on atomic elements. All the changes you’ll make in the Library will change the UI Kit. Also every component has flexible settings and can be easily edited.
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Denis, congrats with the launching! Design System space is growing now and we see more and more cool tools, like your. I'd love to see Symbol Design System in my Awesome Design Tools list over GitHub, it can give you additional users & traffic. Just send a Pull Request:
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@lisadziuba Oh, thank you Lisa! I’ll send the request tomorrow when will be near the computer.
@shepovalovdenis deal! I'm excited to see more cool tools for Design Systems.
Looks amazing man, loved it! I have been working on a design system for my company and I totally loved that long list of components that you have done :)
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@iamarnob6543 Oh thank you a lot for your kind words! We really spent a lot of time to create this system, hope it will help designers and teams to boost their design workflow.
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Waiting for SDS 3 :)


The most expected update of the Symbol DS! Thanks guys


That is enough now

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@smith_john2 glad to hear it, thanks!
Looks like a very comprehensive library, but I wish it was formatted for Figma. You could cut the number of symbols in half and it would be just as versatile.
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@tomjohndesign Are there any notable alternatives that are for Figma?
@tomjohndesign thanks a lot for your commment! Yeah, we are already working on Figma design system. Hope it is done for 1-2 month.
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@btn0s You can import this, and any similar system into Figma, but I've found that others have required a good amount of reworking to really get them cleaned up. @shepovalovdenis Glad to hear that you're working on that! I'm tempted to buy this and rework it myself, but it's hard to say how much time that would take.