Symbol is an advanced web-design system based on Sketch nested symbols. There are not only the components but also the logic, the atomic structure. You can easily change just one symbol to create your own design style super fast.

Devil is in the details:

Easy to Customize. We spent a lot of time to make basic elements flexible and customizable

Smart Typography. Just change the font once and it changes everywhere!

United Colors. Use color palette to change all linked components in one move!

Adaptive Elements. If you want to resize the element — just do it! Content will adjust to new size automatically!

Ready to Code. We are already working on Symbol Framework which will help you to move your design to code

Made for Speed. Speed-up your workflow on complicated websites up to 2× fast

Soo, welcome home sketchers!

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Hello hunters! My name is Denis and I'm the creator of Symbol. You're looking at my pride, my joy now. This is the project I was working on for so long with love and thoroughness! Today I'm happy to present it to you and I'm waiting for your opinion, remarks, and questions. Also, we provide you 20% discount promo code - SHIP20. Use it on the checkout popup.
@shepovalovdenis Great job, Denis! How is this different from the early version some of us bought? How do we get this update?
@decu Thanks a lot, Teo! Here are the changes: - Fixed the text styles changing error. - The default shadow under Image is deleted. - The new font for text style Title is Nunito Sans instead Nunito. - Symbol migrated from Sketch 48 to 49.3. - Changed parameters names in Overrides: Emojis instead Arrows. You can redownload Symbol from your Gumroad library. Here is the link: Thanks again for your interest!
looks like a great product... is it just for design ?? what is the final output from Symbol -- sketch file or html ??? It's not explained on the intro video, so little confused on it. It looks like it has a great potential. Cheers. NOTE: The second section (Components) which has both vertical and horizontal scroll is not a great choice to be honest, though it shows how great you can design with SYMBOL, true. it's causing headache and has no purpose...just a suggestion in the design point of view.. :)
@ramkumarhq Hello Ram! Yeah, for now you’ll got only Sketch components, but we are already working on HTML Framework based on Symbol. And thanks a lot for your proposition, I have already redesigned this section, it really worked strange. Cheers!
Amazing job Denis, Its gonna save alot of time for web designers. Fast way of prototyping with actual UI.
@babek_azimzade Thank you for your kind words!
Hey @shepovalovdenis, I already use v.1.01 from UI8. Sadly the latest version 1.02 has not been released yet on UI8. What has changed? Awesome Design System Kit by the way :)
@fabianhenzler Hello Fabian! Thanks for your kind words! I'm very sorry that confused you, 1.02 version still not released. The current stable version is 1.01. I'll upload the new version to all markets at the same time soon! Sorry, again!
Looks awesome and seems incredibly useful. Great job man :)
@codingcoop Oh, thank you so much!