SWOORDS is a new word game multiplayer online, play in turn with your friends or casual opponent and train offline against Doctor SWO, our artificial intelligence.

● No invasive advertising! Never.

● New dynamics and rules of play

● Dynamic letters score

● Weapons & Bonuses in a word game

● New and challenging gameplay

● Challenge AI

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4 Reviews5.0/5
Hey Product Hunt! I have the great pleasure of introducing you SWOORDS. SWOORDS is a new multiplayer word game, play in turn with your friends or casual opponent and train offline against Doctor SWO, our artificial intelligence. The mission is to find a word that begins with the last two letters of the previous word launched by your opponent. If they challenge you with the word "ROTATE", your answer will have to be a word that begins with "TE", for example "TENSION". You have 20 seconds of time and 5 rounds to find the word using as many letters as possible to accumulate score. For each game, the letters in your keyboard will have a different score, choose the ones with the highest value to win. WEAPONS & BONUS - To distract your opponents you can use bonus or weapons to waste valuable time in choosing words. TWIST: Displays the order of letters on the keyboard of your opponent. BOMB: Place a surprise bomb on a letter from your opponent's keyboard. FREEZE: Swipe for a turn a vowel on the keyboard of your opponent. JOLLY: Jump to the next round with a suggested word. PLAY AGAIN DOCTOR SWO - Challenge AI where and whenever you want! Doctor SWO, the creator of this game of words, is waiting for you to challenge you at different levels of difficulty. Best of the 5 Rounds, best of 10 Rounds and in Survivor mode. Let us know if you like the idea of the game! SWOORDS is developed by @PollsoGames indipendent mobile games studio. Feedback & Bugs: info@swoords.com
@l_isforluca thank you Luca! Go! Go! Go!
@juliusdesign Nice app! Are you using Cognito for your email signup process?
@tobias_eberhard hi! I have used simply Mailchimp ;)
Big problems, before I even start playing: 1) You load the user directly into a "make an account" screen, which is the definition of bad UX for an unproven app. 2) When I go to make my username (encountering a SECOND screen before I even have an idea of what the game is) the keyboard blocks the window where I see my text appearing. This is on an iPhone X. 3) Your "learn to play tutorial" isn't situated in the context of the game. So I'm clicking through another TEN screens before I get to play? You're going to lose so many possible players through this awful onboarding. Sorry. (also, I'm seeing lots of clipping on the iPhone X).
@searchresults Hello! Thanks for feedback. In these hours we are solving. An update is coming soon.
@searchresults what do you recommend being on the first screen if not login? App screenshot?
@tobias_eberhard I'm not a pro, but I've had professional UX designers relentlessly impress this upon me: if you're "onboarding" a user, you're doing it wrong. They should immediately get to experience the product before they'll trust you with their time or their private info (every registration is a sacrifice of personal info). So, in this case, it should be the game. They could construct a tutorial version of the game that offered hints and reduced the time limits as you learned. Once you've established value, then people will be more likely to invest their time in un-fun things like setting up an account (also, bonus, they'll be more likely to turn on notifications because now they're engaged!)
@searchresults thanks! We had planned to integrate the tutorial from the beginning with a test game. During the game we give directions. At the end of the basic game we start asking for registration data. Do some a/b experiment.
I agree with all that @searchresults pointed out, and in addition: We are limited to five games in the easy mode of 'training' before being asked to pay to unlock the AI levels. this doesn't give me enough motivation to keep playing the game in same sitting, especially if my random matches don't keep playing with me.
@lamaalrajih same thing for me. There aren't many players yet, so basically the only option to get to know and appreciate the game is through the training. During this initial phase of launching the game they should focus on letting the habit to play the game stick.
@lamaalrajih Correct! In the next update we increased it to 50. If you have already consumed the games for free, I recommend to install the game again.
@murilocappucci You are right! We are really working on this! Thanks for your suggestions.
it look good, i will test it! :), do you will support other language to in the future?
@edwardvasquezdr Yes! We are thinking about it. Which languages would you like?
@juliusdesign spanish :) latin america is a big market.. :P
@edwardvasquezdr thank you! Good idea.
@rrhoover @rstankov your word's battle would be epic! "APPROVED"
@juliusdesign rado approves :)