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This is from the same team that made Mailcloud. They recently shut down their email app, sharing the details why in this Medium post. As a emoji fan, πŸ‘ but I'm honestly unsure if this is a strong enough hook to replace (or even supplement) existing news discovery sites. Thoughts, @malcolmbell_?
Thanks @rrhoover - this is a simple experiment. We built it in like 9 days. We think people should be able to create their own channels and share around their interests (not just links). But, for now, we just hope it gives people a smile. Was Product Hunt v.1 as an email newsletter a strong enough vprop to replace existing product discovery sources?
@malcolmbell 9 days! Nice. I completely respect that and to be clear, I'm not saying this isn't going to work, more curious about how you plan to differentiate and make Swooper the place to discover news (assuming that's your plan). 😊
@rrhoover Haha, you've rumbled us already! We're just starting with content type=link and a set number of channels, with an emoji. If it works out, then we have a master plan for world domination. But, as you know better than anyone, slowly slowly catchy monkey ......... so, if you could pop us in your email newsletter, that would be awesome (Cheeky)
Amusing, very amusing. It reminds me of the pain chart people use in hospitals, only here, an article can get two smiley's, one crying smiley and 3 shitloads. Since we're replacing words with emojis in conversations, I think we can use them as a form of criticism. Good luck guys!
@moravtchik Thanks Leo. We're curious ourselves to see how people use it. The reactions already to a few posts have surprised us, like this one. https://swooper.com/post/d8aa38b... Thanks for your support.
@malcolmbell I get it. You're adding a higher resolution to fast opinions people give about articles. I can make out "happy" and "angry" and "made me laugh", these are easy. But differentiating between "happy" and "like\love" is interesting. I'm following.
Thanks for the great support everyone!
Very cool. In my opinion, you should've stayed with only emojis, no comments. Hope to see it grow though!
I actually think this is a very nice idea and also very unique,the difficult part as with all community sites would be to get the people aboard,even more hard in a community like this were the people have the "come and go" feeling! But never the less i like it a lot! Nice job on the design very clean and minimal only what the users needs to see and act on not more not less ! πŸ‘ @malcolmbell
@tnsrig thanks for the awesome feedback ❀️❀️