Switching to Angular 2

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Angular 2 is just around the corner and it is time for all Angular 1 devs to start preparing for the transition. @mgechev is one of best starting points for exploring Angular 2.
@rstankov @mgechev "and it is time for all Angular 1 devs to start preparing for the transition" - Why? Is something suddenly wrong with Angular 1? Theres a huge community behind AJS 1, a huge 3rd party code base behind it and how to use it is very well known. With AJS 2 being practically a different language, the team may have taken steps to make migration "easier" but it's by no means a direct path. New projects - yeah, maybe I'll use it when it's out of beta - but to move existing code? No. Not initially anyways. Once all the bugs are worked out and it's past V 2.2 maybe, but why chance breaking what's already tried and tested.
@mariogiambanco I have seen similar situations with as Angular 1 vs 2, with Rails and Python communities. The Rails community pushed hard and migrate to Rails 3 and this payed of. While Python still have problems with Python 2 and 3, 8 years later, there are still people working with Python 2. Angular community have to make that same choice. Imho progress in Angular 1 would slowly stop. That is the reason I said "start preparing for the transition". All Angular core team efforts are will moving to Angular 2. Also in my opinion Angular 1, have some poor design chooses which would never be fixed in 1.xx branch.