Make all your devices smart in seconds

Switch Bot is a smart IoT robot to mechanically control all your switches and buttons.

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So simple! One IoT device for everything :)
@mynhpark Yep, it's time to upgrade from IoT to Internet of Everything! ;D
Just because everything around us is getting smarter, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re becoming simpler, too. With this in mind, the Wonder Tech Lab team created Switch Bot — a small, app-controlled device that mechanically turns all your switches and buttons on/off from anywhere. - hackster.io
This is exactly what I have been looking for! I have a damper on my air ducts in my house, and often I want to change the air flow based on the temps. This would allow me to adjust the flow automatically!!!!
@andrewjb44 It's so nice to know that our Switch Bot can solve your problem. Yes, the initial idea why we create Switch Bot is for this kind convenience.
@yourconnery The real issue might be connecting it to something like this . I'm assuming through IFTTT I will be able to create a rule that when my ecobee3 reacthes a certain the switch would open the damper.
@andrewjb44 Great idea to build a smart duct damper. But from the image you sent it looks like the handle swing distance is very long?
@yourconnery depends on what you call long. The distance between winter and summer is short, but it does look like the handle calls for a large distance to travel. I would be happy to beta test a unit, and film it for you if you are interested.
@andrewjb44 Great thanks for your exploring for Switch Bot! Yes, the handle distance is large as I see. Could you measure the actual distance needed to push then we can figure out the switch possibility theoretically.
A really smart device. This is Awesome!
I would love to put this on my coffee maker and have a cup going when I get up. I'm a little worried it won't fit and work on my coffee machine though... What do you think since it has a raised surface before the curved hemisphere-like button?
@kristofertm Thanks! You mean the part you labelled green? If yes Switch Bot is able to work! It is a typical button switch similar to the one on my washing machine.