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macOS extension to view current page in a different browser

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Switch Browser is a "Share Menu" extension for macOS which shows browser switcher anywhere where there's a webpage opened and Share menu is available (File -> Share in Crome for example or a dedicated button in Safari)

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Being a webdeveloper and having Safari as my main browser i often need to look at my websites not just in different browsers but in a browser with actual DevTools. Looked around, couldn't find anything simple for viewing current page in a different browser so i made my own solution. This is "share menu extension", you can configure which browsers you want to see and it recognizes all the browsers installed in your system. It's so much faster than switching browsers manually, i'm using it daily now 😉
Marawan@marawan_1997 · Cofounder @ Burst
@vfkftw nice one. I normally use the menubar: Develop -> Open Page With to switch browsers when testing. Is this different to it?
@marawan_1997 It's not just for Safari, it's for everywhere there's "Share" menu and you have a webpage open. You can switch back from the browser you switched to for example 😄 It also remembers last selection and it's configurable. Also maybe it's just me but Safari's "Open With" doesn't work with more obscure browsers like Vivaldi or Brave. And it shows some unrelated apps in that menu.
Marawan@marawan_1997 · Cofounder @ Burst
@vfkftw oooh nice. You're right, Safari does show some irrelevant apps and hides some browsers. Nice one 👍 Your implementation is very clean too 👌
@marawan_1997 Thank you 😊 There are a bunch of updates planned too so it's going to be even better and cleaner 😉
Marawan@marawan_1997 · Cofounder @ Burst
@vfkftw awesome 😍 looking forward to it
Bryan Lin
Bryan Lin@bryanlin850 · Developer at aloa.co
I've gotten so used to certain websites not working well in Safari (looking at you WU Edge 👀) that copy and pasting the URL into Chrome has become second nature. This is an improvement to my workflow that I didn't know I needed until now. @raroque definitely check this out especially for opening websites in Chrome to take advantage of DevTools!
Chris Raroque
Chris Raroque@raroque · Developer at aloa.co
@bryanlin850 Good find, will definitely save me a few clicks during testing 🙌
Tim Winfree
Tim Winfree@timwinfree · co-founder, Naranja Studio
This is slick! Did you consider an "Open in All" option?
@timwinfree Thank you and yes 😉 In fact i'm experimenting with it now and it'll be implemented in one of the updates super soon. Stay tuned 😉
Mané Karen
Mané Karen@mane_gharibyan · Growth Hacker
@astghik_azaryan Check this out 😉
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
This would be useful for developers