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The missing gesture layer for macOS.

A gesture layer and window manager for the trackpad power user.
Control windows and applications right from your trackpad with intuitive two-finger swipe, pinch, tap, and hold gestures. Always be in control with live tooltips and haptic feedback.
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Love this app. It solves the problem of window management in Mac.


Very Responsive and works really well Once you get used to it, its hard to look back.


None so far. (Impact on battery needs to be tested)


Love the app, this was missing since they invented Apple amazing trackpads and man I forsee this becoming a big app and I'm glad to suppport it today and see it's incredible future.


Awesome app, very usefull with ultrawide screen setups.


The learning curve, I recoment adding small gifs for complex geastures like how BetterTouchTool does.

Absolutely essential macOS app - love it! Thanks, Christian, for building it! :)
@chrfyi Version 1.3 fixed the MX Master mouse scroll problem after doing a swish. Thanks for the update, works great now!
Hey, coming from Magnet and using Swish for a second day now, I have to say I’m gradually more impressed by it. In fact, I was about to transition from Magnet to Moom and that’s how I learned about you. The question is: 1. Do you have a roadmap for introducing predefined workspaces as in Moom (i.e. launch a given set of apps and distribute them on screen with a single keystroke)? 2. Also, do you have a solution to trigger certain rules when external displays are connected/disconnected?
Also, do you plan to add a tab cycling gesture?
Minimalist, highly opinionated.
@szymon_krzeminski Hi Szymon, I'm glad you're enjoying Swish! 1) There are already multiple apps that do this (Stay, Display Maid, Freeze), so that's not really on the roadmap. 2) What rules would you like to trigger? 3) Not sure how a tab cycling gesture would work? You mean similar to the window cycling gesture for apps?
Student with an M1 Mac
Recently switched to this from Rectangle, and the intuitiveness + UI of this app has me hooked. The app really adds to the seamless integration-ness with macOS. PROS: Stays out of sight until you need it. Has a lot of gestures to use, all of which you can turn off and keep the most relevant ones on per your workflow. Haptic feedback. Memory utilization on my M1 MacBook never exceeds 60mb. CONS: Due to the huge variety of excellent gestures, the tutorial within the app is not that thorough. It has a free 14 day trial so you should definitely check it out for yourself.
Love this app. It's less powerful than BetterTouchTool but much more accessible and easy to use. Can't live without it.
med student uses mac and hunts nice apps
This is the best app i've paid for.
when I minimize the Eudic, it will zoom the text of the window
Hi, I have been using this for the past few months, and absolutely love it! Will this work with the new Mac OS?
Will there be an update for Catalina users? I've been having problems using my gestures since I updated to Catalina.
Also love this app so much. I have been using it for few weeks, and quickly give some feedback. There is a bug that cause screen flashes when two fingers swipe up to maximize the screen. Hope you solve it in the future. Thank you, good work.
I love excellent apps on Mac & iOS
@chrfyi when I used Swish for hours, the “system preference” app will be opened automatically, Trackpad->Scroll&Zoom page will be open, after seconds, the system preference will be closed automatically. when this situation occur, the Swish hints will not work(the icon hint appeared while pinch&swipe). could you please check how to resolve this issue?