Your smart todo list. Add tasks in one line from everywhere.

Simply create a new task with its categories, dates and locations in only one line:

For example: "Groceries #household *17.08. @shop"

You don't even need to type these things out everytime you add a new task. SwiftTask provides you recommendations from your previous tasks and also features an intelligent date picker.

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LOVE IT! Super intuitive! I'm absolutely crazy about little details such as automatically picking a related icon. Saves so much time. Could we also choose a time for task, effectively turning it into a reminder?
@anna_0x Thank you, I'm glad you like it! Task times are already planned, but first I need to figure out how to include them into the whole concept.
@sebschaef great, keep it up, it's a very refreshing app, thanks for offering it for free 🌟
Hey @sebschaef, consider uploading apk somewhere. Your app is incompatible with 6 android devices I own according to play store... I run custom ROMs so I will probably be fine, but you are cutting off lot of people by the market restrictions. Your thing reminds me of twoodo.com minus the whole team aspect. It seems they failed with their app, but the concept is valid. Thanks!
@lebaux Is it considered incompatible because of the custom ROMs? The APK is also available on Uptodown (https://swifttask.de.uptodown.co...) and Amazon (https://www.amazon.de/gp/product...). I'm also planning to release it on F-Droid in the future. It seems that they had a rather equal concept to slack, but the input really is comparable to SwiftTask, I guess.