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$19 one-hour turnaround is remarkable. Naturally I'm skeptical of the quality but for simple stuff this could be very useful.
I've used it twice now – once for a logo change and then for an email template update. You have to be very literal with the tasks you want done. I've gone back with changes a few times with each designer but they came back fast and accurate. Can't go from with the price. I think Sitepoint Group (99designs/Learnable etc.) originally modeled it off a service called Tweaky out of Australia (that's since rebranded and focused on dev/API-related tasks). I think they'll be able to scale out nicely because of the already-existing marketplace distribution with 99designs.
Looks like they pay $7-10 for tasks, which seems reasonable but a touch low for designers. $60/hour would mean six 'big' tasks, which works out as the projects shown on the page looks like they would take less than 10 minutes. I'm guessing designers would make more like $30/hour, which is kind of low for production art contracting. (Granted, almost all of my professional contract design experience is from the bay area) Taking 50% of the pay seems high to me. That being said, I did TaskRabbit for a while and would probably have spent a few hours a day working on this sort of thing as it would have been easier/perhaps more price effective.
If this works well it will solves a reoccurring problem I've had for years. The kind of problem that only comes up every couple months, so never NEED to find a better solution, but then always wish I had when it comes around and bites me in the ass again.