Professional "matchmaking" done over email

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A similar to concept to what Weave is doing on mobile, but getting one very high quality intro per week in email seems like a more appropriate dosage than quickly swiping through tons of potential contacts
Ahh, interesting. This does remind me of Weave (cc @zealoustiger) but even more so, CoffeeMe (cc @hsukenooi). Most of these professional networking products build off of LinkedIn, which for me is one of my least curated and meaningful networks. I want this for Twitter.
Nice. I've considered switching CoffeeMe to a x introductions in y days model before. It'll be interesting to see what the right rate is.
Thanks for the support everyone!
Great job getting it out @ntaneja1, site is slick. Just signed up, looking forward to seeing my matches. We've thought about limiting connections as well at Weave, but it's slightly less applicable given the real-time use case - seeing quite a few people use Weave during events and while out and about.