Swift Polling

Create polls, surveys and open-ended questions easily.

Swift Polling is an engagement tool for classrooms, meetings, conferences and many more. With Swift you can create polls, surveys and open-ended questions, collect responses via text and web and present the results to your audience. Swift works with PowerPoint, and has a gorgeous presentation mode.

The tool is useful for businesses, religious, non-profit and educational institutions, teachers and students and anyone who is looking to enhance their presentation experience.

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Hey guys, we have been working on this product for quite some time and the moment to present it to this community has arrived! There's a free plan you can sign up for to take a look. Looking forward to receiving some interesting feedback. Thank you.
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@karen_atalyants Hi, this looks really great! A question though: you say "Currently Swift Polling does not offer Keynote integration, however you can try to use a third-party service for this objective." I'm curious about which "third-party service for this objective"? I'm thinking of using Swift Polling in two weeks. But this Keynote thing is kind of very important.
@joid hello and thank you very much for your interest! There should be some solutions that display real-time web content by a URL you paste into the corresponding field. I would recommend to try searching "web viewer for Keynote" and see what comes up. Unless you are really constrained to use Keynote, the best is to go with the Presentation Mode on web. Is that the case?
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