Sports gaming bot making it ☔ Amazon gift cards

#2 Product of the DayMarch 14, 2018

Sweep has built a bot to help you pick sports games and get Amazon Gift Cards when you hit 4 wins in a row. No app to download, you can play via chat in Facebook Messenger. The team has experience from FanDuel and is a part of WeWork’s Area 51 (W18).

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  • Pros: 

    I've literally won $25 on it just by predicting a couple games correctly. It makes watching my terrible Knicks a lot more exciting.


    Really can't think of any, just want more sports!

    I was surprised at how much this product retained me. It takes the fun parts of sports betting and removes all the risk/downside of actual gambling. It kind of has that HQ-esque feel where you just spend a couple minutes a day playing and you can win money (without putting anything in).

    I've recommended it to a lot of my friends. Also, I found it to be a really interesting use case for chat bots.

    Zachary Shakked has used this product for one month.
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    Will HoekengaCopygrad.com

    Super simple to use, no app to download, free and fun, like betting but without risk!


    A few small bugs while using the beta, but overall nothing to complain about

    Watching sports is always a little more fun when there's something at stake. Sweep gives me the same feeling of putting a few bucks down on a game, but without any of the risk (or the hassle that comes with using online betting platforms). Super fun concept and I'm excited to see what's next!

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Ben LevyMaker@benmlevy · Co-Founder of Sweep, PH NYC Co-Organizer
Hey Product Hunters! Happy March Madness Week - the best week of the year, for us 🏀 fans. I don't know about you, but we’re hoping our Sun Devils make a run at the Final Four. I’ve been running fantasy and gaming pools since the 4th grade schoolyard. My Co-Founder, Ryan, is a former D1 athlete and self-taught coder. We’ve combined our love of sports and tech and are excited to launch what we’ve been building for the past 6 months! Sweep is a sports gaming bot focused on making it quick and easy to have fun while watching March Madness (and more sports) - while also rewarding fans with Amazon gift cards. We're building this because as sports fans, we never felt like we’ve truly found a product that allowed us to have fun while watching games in a fun, casual, and legal way. We took elements from what we love about HQ (Free game --> Real Prizes) and Poncho (Personality-Driven Bot), to build Sweep. Our vision is to give people a playable way to get back to the ♥️ of the game. We'll be here all day answering questions from the community. Give it a try and provide us some feedback - specifically around the way we offer games to be selected, as we’re trying a custom approach with dynamic images populating based on the pull requests. We’re all ears and want to improve the product as much as possible. P.S. We're giving everyone who checks us out from Product Hunt three lifelines to start, so it’ll be a bit easier to complete your first Sweep 😉 Cheers! 👋 Ben
Rotem Yakir@rotemthegolfer · Guggy CEO - Make your friends laugh
@benmlevy Great job! working perfectly.
Ben LevyMaker@benmlevy · Co-Founder of Sweep, PH NYC Co-Organizer
@rotemthegolfer Haha love the Guggy gif!!! We need to get you guys integrated into our product everywhere :)
Davis Baer@daviswbaer · Co-Founder of OneUp
@benmlevy Nice work Ben and Ryan! Love the fact that there is no app - I think there is a lot of app fatigue nowadays. How does one check to see how many lifelines they have?
Ben LevyMaker@benmlevy · Co-Founder of Sweep, PH NYC Co-Organizer
@daviswbaer Hey Davis, we're working through how to show that more effectively - we'd love any ideas you have! Right now, we're giving you the chance to see your Sweepcoins and the exchange rate (30 sweepcoins = 1 lifeline) What do you think of that approach? Was that not intuitively clear?
Filipe Moreira@filipe_moreira · Product Designer
@benmlevy Congratulations Ben! I am very proud :)
Tiffany Wood@sundevilt9 · Techy teacher hungry for crypto
Being Ben’s girlfriend definitely has its perks...like supporting a Product Hunt launch at midnight on a school night. But, hey, I’m the resident GIF expert for Sweep. Check out the product and let me know what you think of my GIF selections!
Ben LevyMaker@benmlevy · Co-Founder of Sweep, PH NYC Co-Organizer
@sundevilt9 I can attest that she's a great girlfriend for supporting the launch. Gif skills are top notch too 👏
Mark J. Burns@markjburns88 · Sports Media Professional
John SherwinHiring@j_sherz · Hydrant. @Quartzy, @Oxford Bio
Congrats on the launch guys, I've enjoyed playing around with the beta so far! Can you share a bit about how you plan to monetize this?
Ben LevyMaker@benmlevy · Co-Founder of Sweep, PH NYC Co-Organizer
@j_sherz Thanks for the question! Right now, we're primarily building Sweep to learn about what consumers want in a sports game. Our longer term goal is to start creating in-app virtual goods (think more mobile games than your traditional fantasy sports games) + look at opportunities if/when sports betting becomes legalized in the US. Thanks for asking - and pumped that you're enjoying Sweep!!
Mark J. Burns@markjburns88 · Sports Media Professional
Congrats on the launch, Ben and Ryan. Cool to see Sweep out in the wild.
Ben LevyMaker@benmlevy · Co-Founder of Sweep, PH NYC Co-Organizer
@markjburns88 Thanks! We're pumped to finally show the world and the PH community, specifically, what we've been working on
Zac Martin@zac_martin · Currently working in education
Two great guys, one excellent product. Congrats on the launch! Can't wait to make my picks for March Madness. Roll Tide!
Ben LevyMaker@benmlevy · Co-Founder of Sweep, PH NYC Co-Organizer
@zac_martin It's crazy that Alabama made the tourney 😜😜 But really appreciate you trying Sweep!!