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Just finished the Marc Lizoain interview. Great stuff. Thanks for putting this together.
@jscheel Thanks, Jared. What did you like most about the interview and the format? Would love feedback for doing future interviews.
@spencerfry Hmm, I will have to think about that. The whole interview felt very natural. It may just be that Marc is a gifted communicator. I like that you allowed him to tell his story, instead of leading him down a line of questioning. I think it would be good to have an appendix with screenshots of the projects. May be hard for dead ones, but it could be nice to see.
@jscheel Thanks, Jared. That's valuable information. I like your idea of including an appendix of screenshots. I think that sounds like a good v1.5 edition. :)
@spencerfry i love this! i want to do more founder story stuff within the Product Hunt Podcast - so let's share notes + give each other feedback :)
@eriktorenberg Psyched that you like it. Would love to chat. What's your email address? I'm email@spencerfry.com.
A great read for mid-week schedule. Such stories usually give some positive directions. I would love to see a 'My two cents' ending question where they share their most valuable experience gained, in minimum words.
@vingar Thanks! Glad you liked it. For some of them, I asked them to give advice to other entrepreneurs, but asking for them to sum up their most valuable experience would be interesting.
Happy to answer any questions or hear any feedback.
@spencerfry Will you be focusing on really tough questions for your interviewees? Oftentimes the most interesting topics for the audience are the most sensitive for the storyteller, especially when it comes to people who aren't yet at the "success" stage. Curious as to how you might balance that.
@brianmwang The goal is to ask tough questions, but in a comfortable setting. From the start, I want to do interviews differently. Interviews on STP are entirely focused around the details of product development and product design. Any story we include about the company is as far from PR as you can get and actually touches on the interesting, the unknown, and the real behind-the-scenes stuff, like the interview I did with Marc Lizoain in which he opens up his heart about shutting down his company Urtak after five years and having raised $500,000.
@spencerfry I think a lot can be learned from this kind of story, kudos for surfacing them. I feel like the most value I can offer product builders, especially in the space my failed startup was, is insight into the mistakes we made.
The interview style/layout reminds me of The Great Discontent https://thegreatdiscontent.com. Looking forward to seeing more interviews @spencerfry
@thomasmeagher Thanks, Thomas! Lots more content in the pipeline. At least one new interview next week.
@spencerfry Awesome! Something to think about: promote the newsletter more (maybe at the top of the site). This is exactly the type of content that I want to receive in my inbox and was a little hard to find at first. Just subscribed!
@thomasmeagher Yeah. I hear you. I had it at the top originally, but ultimately thought that people who wanted to subscribe would find the link on their own. I didn't want the first thing you saw to be "Subscribe to our newsletter." Going to need to play with it, though.