Social Media Management for Teams

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Looks slick but a bit pricey at €749 for most startups. Coschedule is a similar tool for Wordpress and far more affordable.
I actually helped spinning Swat.io out of our agency http://die.socialisten.at one year ago - surprised to see it here tbh :) Swat.io is awesome but it's definitly not targeting startups - rather very large (mostly media or retail) enterprises. Most features cycle around the concepts of delegation, authority and recording. (think multi store retailers, customer care, etc) This is hardly needed in startups but saves jobs and creates promotions in large enterprises. Some accounts have above 100 users connected to it. etc The pricing is made to reflect that. But i think it's best if @michaelkamleitner explains this :) ad @kwdinc thx for posting ! :)
@andreasklinger @michaelkamleitner Would love if it had a separate pricing for small teams!
Feel like wordpress does most of this for free. Why would someone pay for this? I think building one of the features as an add-on would make much more sense. Am I missing something here?
The price is definitely very steep, it will make potential clients look around for something more cheaper and potentially finding an alternative. I agree with @kwdinc a startup package would be attractive.