Customizable Survicate Mobile App Surveys allow you to run in-the-moment research directly in your mobile app.

All essential question types

Android & iOS compatibility

Integration with a variety of crm & marketing automation tools

One-time installation

Analyze survey answers in the real-time, and launch new surveys without updating your app.

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26 Reviews5.0/5

The surveys look great in my apps and draw a lot of user's attention


Love the simplicity of setting up the surveys


I've waited a long time for this :D

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It is a really interesting tool for marketers working with mobile apps. I highly recommend it 😉
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@laura_sabella Thanks for the kind words, Laura 😊
flexible and intuitive app for your marketing needs. I like where they are going!
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Finally a survey App with great visuals.


compatibility with iOS and Android and one-time installation


I don’t know yet :)

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Hey Hunters 👋, I'm Kamil, Survicate’s CEO and co-founder - excited to be hunted and to share our new product for mobile app makers with you. We’ve been working on Mobile App Surveys for quite some time now - to be honest way longer than we initially anticipated. Feedback from our beta testers has been really promising, so I we are confident to present it to a larger audience today. Really hoping to learn more about what we could improve. We developed Survicate Mobile SDK so that professionals like Mobile App Product Managers, Marketers, and Developers could seamlessly gather feedback in their mobile products without redirecting users out of the application to the browsers. 📈 Improve your app retention by researching users experience and measuring their satisfaction (including NPS!) 📥 Incorporate users feedback into your product and marketing strategies ✅ Get insights on features your users expect and better plan your product roadmap 💛 Find out how your users feel about your app and remove the guesswork. 😊 Increase the number of positive ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐reviews by redirecting happy users to app stores. Speaking features - surveys targeted based on in-app events, user attributes, screens, OS and more. Includes question logic and redirects based on answers; real-time analysis, exports. Works with all Survicate integrations - so you can send responses to your favorite software, i.e. Intercom. 🚀The best part - it requires a one-time installation. It means - whenever you want to launch, update or pause surveys, you don’t need to update your app 🙌🕺🤟 We would love to get your feedback about our new tool! Me and Survicate’s team are going to be around all day answering questions, so feel free to comment here or email us directly at Thanks for your comments and support!
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