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Hi Hunters, I’m Kamil, CEO of Survicate. We just rolled out a huge product update that has been in beta for a couple of weeks. Why is it worth to take a look at the updated Survicate? Survicate used to be a website survey app. But not anymore. Driven by needs of our customers, Survicate is now an all-in-one customer feedback tool. Survicate offers you: -targeted website surveys -feedback widgets -one-click email surveys -NPS email surveys -full-page questionnaires. Equipped with all those features, you can effectively gather feedback from customers with just one tool. No more multiple subscriptions, dashboards, and reports. Me and my colleagues will be happy to answer all questions you can have about Survicate so AMA! PS. we have a special deal for Hunters. Start a trail before the end of October and use a discount code ‘hunterdeal’ to get 50% off for 3 months. Enjoy!
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Great tool, helped us already to boost our sales. The update with NPS survey via email looks really promising!
I love simplicity of Surivicate. And all the integrations that are available. Survicate served me well when blog was my main source of leads. Can't wait to see 2.0 version. Kudos guys!
@karolina_krolicka thanks, integrations are something we are really proud of - some of them are really powerful (especially with Intercom, Hubspot and Pardot)
Great customer feedback tool!
Nice set of feedback products in one place, good to know that.
@tomgorski thanks for the kind words