Surreal AR

Add realistic augmented reality objects to photos & videos

Surreal is an ARKit powered augmented reality app allowing people to experience advanced augmented reality through realistic animated and 3D objects in the real world.

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8 Reviews5.0/5
Hi everyone, Dana Loberg from the team here, and excited to share Surreal today. As a Yalie, artist and female founder in technology, we see huge potential in AR and all the capabilities it brings to consumers to truly redefine the limits of this real world we're currently living. By combining artistic expression (including playfulness, light and inspiration) with the power of technology, together, we're combining 2 distinct ingredients in order to build a new and exciting app that allows everyone to have a portal into the brave new world of Augmented Reality. Our team’s been excited about AR since the launch of ARKit and ARCore and really wanted to empower the masses by making it so easy for anyone to use and create new worlds in AR. We’ve been working on our app as a team for four months straight, already creating at least 2 open source projects to improve AR for the community and support the progress in the new tech. With Surreal, we allow anyone to open the app, and begin to apply realistic 3D objects and characters to the surrounding environment and take photos or record video in order to share their creativity in AR to family and friends. As a female founder, we also want to emphasize more beautiful and colorful objects that really brighten and enrich the surroundings in a positive way! Some PRO tips: - Find an area that has good light - The objects can be resized by tapping on them and then easily dragged and moved by your finger - It’s probably best not to move around a lot while recording or putting the objects in the surrounding environment -Have fun with this! Tap as many objects as you want into the space, hold down the button to record and save and share with friends! Happy to answer any and all questions from anyone. Also, welcoming the feedback as there’s a lot to build and grow in AR! Thanks everyone for your support. Go out and redefine your world now :)
This would be Instagram of AR world
@muhammettdilek that would be amazing ;)
Discovering other users' surreals' sounds really cool! iOS 11 just released but Surreal is one of the most promising apps which I have ever seen in the App Store. Great work!
@kcaliskan Thanks Kaan. Appreciate it.
Great app. Good lucks @sahinboydas